Why a home management franchise with Custodia?

Help people live more enjoyable lives at home.

The home and property maintenance market is huge, recurring, and growing rapidly. The market is a source of ‘everlasting customers’ you can have in your business.

The North American population is greying at an alarming rate. Older adults made up 14 percent of Americans in 2020, roughly 1 of every 6. By 2030, all baby boomers will be older than age 65. This means 1 in every 5 people will be a senior. They, along with other homeowners in your territory need your help.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are staggeringly expensive — the average cost of a nursing home is close to $50,000 per year and rising in the Canada, and assisted living is even more costly. Custodia manages the home so older adults can age in place and their families can live with less stress.

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A Unique Approach to Home and Property Maintenance

Custodia combines multiple maintenance services into customized home management plans that allow our customers to enjoy many exclusive benefits.

Our Home Management Hotline is there to help customers get whatever type of home or property maintenance they need, when they need it. 

Custodia Franchise Partner Support Centre

Custodia’s franchise concept has always been built around one key, unique differentiator — complete central support. Unlike other home and property maintenance franchise systems, we believe our Franchise Partners should be out in their community with customers, not in office doing admin work. That’s why we built the Custodia Support Centre.


The Custodia brand and marketing systems are designed to get your phone to ring. Your support team is responsible for answering customer inquiries and booking appointments for you automatically!


Scheduling is essential in this business and it can be overwhelming. That’s why we have a team dedicated to your schedule so you can focus on your  business.


Enjoy a centralized business operating system for resources, education and system news, a scheduling program, job management system, the best mobile apps and more. We believe in innovation and using the best technology has to offer our system and our customers.


With 30,000+ service visits across 30 cities, Custodia’s centralized system provides tremendously valuable information.Get insight into your activities and work with your coach to find opportunities to grow your business.

Our Core Purpose Is: Helping Pelople Live More Enjoyable Lives At Home

Core values are our DNA — they are a filter that our leadership team uses for decision-making, how our team members engage with customers, and how those who are fortunate enough to become a Custodia Franchise Partner will operate their business.


Our customers are not paycheques, they are people.


When you want to go far, you go together


Always do something more than expected and hold your head high.


Make decisions that lead to better outcomes.

Scalable, Recuring Revenue Streams

As with any business, it’s important not to rely on one source of revenue or one-time revenue when developing a business plan. As a Custodia franchise partner, your earning potential will be fully supported by a proven business model of multiple revenue streams.

A common misconception is that home maintenance businesses can only perform one or two services; however, the right customers can access many home and property maintenance options to help look after their homes. Access to multiple revenue streams like programs such as The Home Management Plan and One-Time Projects provides franchise partners with growth opportunities across numerous touchpoints rather than relying solely on one service.

Franchise Partner revenue streams can include:

The Home Management Plan Customers can combine their home and property maintenance services into convenient home management plans that help them save money and get all their services from one source.

One Time Projects Maintenance Projects Your customers will request many different home maintenance projects over the years, and the Custodia system helps you earn from almost all of them.

Project Referral Commissions As a Custodia Franchise Partner, you become the Home Manager. You and your team will not be able to execute 100% of your customer requests, so we help you build a strong team of contractors who can take your leads and pay you referral commissions.

Award Winning Leadership Team

Geoff Whitlock

Founder and Coach

David Kornhauser

VP Systems and Strategy

Linda Walsh

System Controller

Michael Sheikh

General Manager

Jamie Sinton

Franchise Partner + Training Systems