It's time to build something your proud of

Custodia is here to help seniors live longer and safer lives at home.

Be your own boss.

Do you dream of owning a business, but don’t want to do it alone? If you want to build a great business helping seniors in your community, then we have the system you are looking for.

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“You’re doing something with a purpose and the possiblities are endless.”

Sean Allen
Franchise Owner

Need some guidance?

We help you get set up for success – but reaching your goals is something only you can do.

Now is the time to take control of your future.

Now is the time to commit to building a business that’s yours.

Now is the time to do whatever it takes to get there.

Building a business is challenging and very rewarding. We are looking for people with the right qualities and help them become leading business owners.

“You’re making it easier for all of us to succeed.”

Jamie Sinton
Franchise Owner

Our System. Your Business.

The Custodia home management system has been designed to help your business get up and going quickly and to give you unlimited earning potential while helping seniors in your community.

Our leading Brand and business sytstem are a perfect launching pad for the right people who meet our selective criteria. Not everyone will have what it takes and we want people who will succeed using our system.

“It put a new perspective on what entrepreneurship should be.”

Andy Panasar
Franchise Owner

Our story is in the news

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The Story

At 40 years old, we had just sold our marketing agency and I was eager to build a new business. Custodia helps me build on my decades-long experience working with some of the greatest franchise brands in North America.

Custodia began in 2018 when I was helping my mother around her house. I realized that there was no one reliable to call for the little stuff she needed as she got older. I had to call 8-10 people to look after things throughout the year, and half of them didn’t show up when they said they would.

I did my reasearch and found a $500 billion a year industry growing by 10,000 seniors each day. Millions of seniors and families could identify with what I was experiencing. Maybe you can too.

My life’s goal is to help the right people build and scale a business they can be proud of. My reward comes daily when I see our owners using the Custodia system to serve thousands of seniors while building a strong business and a legacy for thier families.

“Everything grows so fast… There is literally no end to what we can achieve.

Igor Kononov
Franchise Owner

Got Your Attention?

If you think Custodia may be a fit, contact us to get more information. Together we can build something great that will last a lifetime.